UQISA Buku untuk Anak Bangsa

"Buku untuk Anak Bangsa" adalah sebuah inisiatif pelajar dan masyarakat Indonesia di Brisbane, Australia dalam mengumpulkan buku berbahasa Inggris untuk kemudian disumbangkan secara gratis ke sekolah-sekolah, perpustakaan, dan taman bacaan di Indonesia. Siapa saja bisa memohon buku bantuan ini dengan mengontak panitia dan kemudian panitia akan menyeleksi & mengevaluasi. Blog ini merupakan dokumentasi & tempat menorehkan progress report kegiatan "Buku untuk Anak Bangsa"

Monday, August 17, 2009

Book recipient in Mataram, NTB Province

(UPDATED: 31 August 2009)
One recipient school of BuAB this year is located in NTB Province, a province next to Bali and quite close with Australia.

The school is up in the mountain. It is at the same height where you can see Mt Agung, the highest mountain in Bali Island (the neighborhood island), and see perfectly Senggigi beach from the top.

To reach the school, you have to ride a motorcycle until certain spot (no car access) and then continue by foot. It takes roughly 1 hour walk & hike the mountain to reach the school.

I still cannot believe how big the effort the students, teachers, and staff should make JUST to go to school.

The school is an elementary school (Grade 1 -6). It has 2 type of classes: 1 indoor class (normal class) and 1 outdoor class. The latter is actually you are studying outside the class, still with the chairs, table, blackboards. Not a good thing. But, the good thing about this outdoor class is the surrounded view is amazing! You can see the other part of the mountain which is a forest!Due to the room limitation, the administration officer's office and classroom are basically in the same place.

Below are pictures of local children:

Thanks to Wawan & Abdul (photo above), local people who connects this project with this school!

Location: Lombok, NTB (West Nusa Tenggara) Province

- Reported by: Mika -

Monday, August 10, 2009

Books arrived at Nabire, Papua

In 2008, BuAB has reached Papua Island. The school to receive BuAB books is SMP Kristen Anak Panah, Nabire.

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